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Unlocking Seamless Proposals and Quotes from Board Subitems

Are you on the lookout for a solution that can simplify and elevate your CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) process, making it smoother and more user-friendly? Just picture the convenience of effortlessly crafting detailed proposals, including perfectly integrated line items, right within your PDF documents.

But there’s more to it – what if you also need a seamless way to generate invoices that not only exude professionalism but also automatically take care of intricate calculations like taxes, totals, and credits?

Well, your search ends here because GetSign holds the solution. With GetSign’s robust capabilities, you can turn these daunting tasks into swift and straightforward processes. This not only saves you precious time but also ensures precision. Bid farewell to the laborious manual work, and welcome the era of streamlined CPQ and invoicing. All of this can be accomplished in just a matter of minutes, thanks to GetSign. Experience the convenience and efficiency of GetSign today!

Add GetSign item view

To begin, select an item, and on the left-hand side, click the “+” icon to add the GetSign item view. Next, pick your eSign workflow to kick things off.

1. One Reusable Template: If you prefer not to repeatedly upload documents, this option is perfect for you. Easily send a single document template to all your customers.

2. Pre-filled Documents: Need distinct documents for each customer? Opt for this workflow to customize your documents individually. It’s all about flexibility

Getsign item view

Upload a document

After you’ve chosen the workflow that suits you best, go ahead and click on the “Upload a New Template” button. It’s as simple as that!

You can either use your existing document or easily upload a new one. The choice is yours!

Upload a document - GetSign

Map columns and get your document ready for signing!

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your initial document, it’s time to map the board email, files, and status columns in the lower section. Additionally, kindly fill in the sender’s name and email address. After saving your changes, we’ll prompt you to verify your sender email address to ensure added protection against spam.

mapping getsign columns and sender information

Effortless document customization

To get started, give the “Prepare” button a click, and you’ll be smoothly guided to the GetSign signature builder.

To seamlessly integrate your board’s subitems into the document, just drag and drop the “Line Items” field.

Then, tap on the “Configure Line Item” button to tailor the columns you want to showcase.

Once you’ve personalized your document to your liking, hit “Save” to wrap up the process. We’re here to make it easy for you!

Friendly Reminder:
Please ensure that you’ve got subitem data available to populate your Line Items in the document. It’s a crucial step to make everything work smoothly!

GetSign signature builder

Start sending your document

With all the essential information filled in and signature fields defined, you’re all set to send your document!

Simply click on the “Send” button to initiate the document-sending process. It’s as easy as that!

document signing with GetSign

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