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GetSign, the easy and secure way to get signatures online for your documents.

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The signature has entered the 21st century

It has never been easier to get signatures online. Visually and electronically.

Straightforward Workflow

Three easy steps to get started

Prepare your Document
Upload documents (PDF/Doc), choose signatories, place fields.
Send your document for signature, to a specific order or not, with reminders or not.
This is signed
Once everyone has signed, you get a notification and you can download your complete document

Start getting signatures

With many features yet easy to use.

Multiple fields

Signature, initials, text and date fields.

Reminders and notifications

Email and SMS reminders, custom sequences.

Audit reports

Track events on your documents and get audit report.

Advanced features

SMS verification, Email verification, Ask for ID...


Slack, Zapier, Google Contacts integrations and API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a user?

A user is a team member with access to GetSign to create and send documents for signing. People invited to sign a document are therefore not necessarily users and are not counted as such.

2. What is a template?

A template is a prepared document that can be easily reused. Especially useful if you often send the same type of document as a signature.

3. Is the online signature recognized? Legally valid?

The most advanced countries have obviously recognized electronic signatures for years. Today, the verifications offered by online signature services are such that they are stronger than if you had someone with a pen in front of you! We encrypt the exchanges via an SSL certificate and keep an audit report tracking the events of the signatories.

4. Is there a commitment?

No. You subscribe for the period you select, and can cancel your subscription at any time so that it will not be renewed at the end of the period. Just like Netflix.

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