OTP Authentication for eSignature

Safeguard your documents against unauthorized access by implementing dual-factor authentication.
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Enhance Document Security Through Recipient Verification

OTP (One-Time Password) Authentication is a robust security mechanism that streamlines the process of generating unique passcodes for each designated document recipient. This innovative authentication method adds an additional layer of protection to sensitive documents, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access or sign them.


The benefits of OTP Authentication extend beyond mere document security. It offers a seamless and efficient means of managing access permissions, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining entry to confidential information. Furthermore, the time-sensitive nature of one-time passcodes enhances overall security, as the risk of compromised credentials is significantly reduced.

Enabling OTP Authentication

To initiate the OTP Authentication process, document senders implement a secure and user-friendly interface that prompts recipients to enter the generated passcode. This ensures that only individuals with the correct and time-sensitive credentials can proceed to view or sign the document. The verification process adds an extra layer of confidence, as it demands the successful input of the temporary passcode before granting access.

To proceed, navigate to the item view and enable the “Enforce Passcode” option.

Getsign OTP authentication

Signing the document

When the document is sent to the receiver, it will then generate a temporary one-time passcode that is sent to the intended recipient through email. This passcode serves as a dynamic key, valid only for a single use and a limited period. As a result, even if the passcode is intercepted during transmission, it becomes useless for unauthorized access after its intended purpose is fulfilled.

In essence, OTP Authentication is a valuable tool for organizations and individuals seeking to safeguard sensitive documents and maintain control over access. By incorporating this advanced authentication method, the confidentiality and integrity of important information are reinforced, contributing to a more secure and trustworthy document management process.

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