Import list from Excel

Monday Move: Teams onboard, but Excel’s holding vital data! Let’s break free and elevate the game!
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How to import list from Excel

So, your team has embraced the shift to, but there’s still some vital data lingering in Excel.

To seamlessly import this data into an existing board, simply click the arrow next to the “New Item” button on the board’s top and choose “Import Items” from the dropdown menu.

Import Excel to GetSign

Drag your Excel file

On the following screen, either drag your Excel or CSV file into the frame or opt for “click to browse” to select the document from your computer. After a successful upload, click “Next.”

Now, designate the column from your Excel file to serve as the item name on your board.

The next step involves mapping the columns in your Excel file to the corresponding columns on your board. For instance, you can map email addresses from Excel into the Email Column on your board.

Columns left unmapped won’t be imported.

Once done, leverage the freshly imported data to enhance your document and effortlessly send it with GetSign!

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