Calculated fields let's you build formulas to calculate and display the results in your contracts and quotes

Build formulas to calculate and display them on your documents
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Add a formula field to a document for eSignature

Craft the columns of your dreams—Number, Text, Date, and more—to fuel your formula. The calculated value will automatically populate the formula field.

How to add a formula field to a document

Navigate to the designated item and access the “GetSign” tab to initiate document editing.
Optimize your document by choosing the Formula field and strategically placing it on the active document page.
Feel free to enhance your document further by incorporating any additional fields to meet your requirements.
Once you’ve fine-tuned everything, simply click SAVE to preserve your edits.

Cast formulas in GetSign

Document viewed from the email

Upon your recipient receiving the email, initiate the signing process by clicking the Review & Sign button.

Notice that the formula field is now populated with values.

cast formula result GetSign

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