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Learn how to create a fillable form with GetSign eSignature

Utilize GetSign eSignature to efficiently complete all required fields such as checkboxes and text boxes, allowing you to collect additional data from the recipient and store it in the board.

Navigate to the document editor and effortlessly drag the desired fields, whether they are checkboxes or text boxes.
Upon selecting a checkbox, you have the flexibility to store the data directly in board columns.
Once finished, opt for the “Save” function to prepare the document for sending.

GetSign fillable forms

Incorporate Checkbox Fields

Effortlessly enhance the versatility and functionality of your document by seamlessly integrating checkbox fields. With GetSign’s user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly incorporate these checkbox fields, providing a convenient and intuitive way to gather and organize information. Whether it’s for invoices, contracts, or any other document requiring user input, the process is streamlined for an optimal user experience. Upgrade your document’s interactivity with the simple addition of checkbox fields, making it easier than ever to capture and convey information effectively.

Include Textbox Fields

Effortlessly collect customer data by dragging and dropping text fields anywhere in your document. Streamline the process and enhance data gathering efficiency.

Integrate Dropdown Fields

Effortlessly move dropdown fields in your document with a simple drag-and-drop. Then, link the status column to the dropdown in the GetSign editor and click Save to apply and save document modifications.

Saved data collected from fillable forms

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