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Batch eSignatures enable fast signing of multiple documents

Sending each documents one by one the process can become time-consuming and cumbersome.
With GetSign’s batch signature, you can streamline this process by sending a group of documents to customers at once, simplifying the signing procedure for a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing individual document signings and embrace a smoother, more organized approach with GetSign batch signatures.

Create a new status label

In the board where you plan to use GetSign, either add a new status column or edit an existing one.
Create a new label that will distinguish the auto send, for example, label it as “AutoSend.” Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to click on Apply to save your changes.

Add the GetSign integration

While still on the same board, head to the “Integrate” section and click on the “Add New Integration” button. Look for the “GetSign Auto Send Integration” option, and then proceed to map the status column you created in the previous step. Select the newly created “AutoSend” label for this integration. Once everything is set, click on the “Add to board” button to finalize the integration.

How to send batch eSignatures?

To send signatures in batches, it’s as simple as selecting the items you want to send and changing their status to “AutoSend.” GetSign will then take care of the rest, processing the signatures efficiently.

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