AutoSend Magic: Transforming forms into signed documents

Create a form, and watch it automatically send a signable document to your recipient with all the essential data!
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How do Shareable Web Forms works?

Shareable Web Forms and AutoSend! Imagine this – effortlessly creating a monday form and bam, AutoSend springs into action the moment an item is born. Picture it as your digital conductor, orchestrating a flawlessly delivered document to your chosen recipient, complete with all the crucial data neatly packaged. 

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance as your documents get signed and sealed at lightning speed. Say farewell to mundane tasks and welcome a new age of smooth-sailing productivity. Embrace the evolution of form sharing with a dash of automation – because success is all about being quick and clever in today’s fast-paced world.

Generate a form

Design a form and choose the columns you want to display when users fill it out.

Auto-send eSignatures

Elevate your workflow by establishing a fresh status label and seamlessly incorporating the GetSign integration. Dive into how to set up an auto-send here for a smoother and more efficient experience.

Create automation​

Enhance your workflow efficiency after completing the signing process with a clever automation feature. Simply set it up to dynamically change the status to ‘Auto-send’ whenever a new item is created, effortlessly initiating the smooth and automatic dispatch of your documents. It’s all about streamlining your process effortlessly and making your work life a breeze.

See GetSign eSignatures in action

Create secure and intuitive eSignature workflows on any device, track the status of documents right in your account, build online fillable forms – all within a single solution.
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