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Benefits of eSignature workflow automations

Revolutionize your eSignature management with GetSign workflow automation and electronic signatures, unlocking the potential for substantial time savings, potentially reaching hundreds of hours annually. If your organization is still stuck in the manual creation of documents and agreements, relying on traditional workflows, it’s high time for a transformative upgrade.

Our cutting-edge eSignature workflow automation is designed for seamless setup, streamlining the entire process of document creation and signature collection. Once ready for signatures, the document seamlessly progresses through the workflow, automatically reaching each signer upon the completion of the previous signature.

Beyond efficiency, GetSign’s robust document workflow automation system meticulously records signatories and timestamps. Tailor it to your needs by strategically minimizing delays caused by workflow bottlenecks. Stay in the loop with constant awareness of your document’s status in the signature workflow, ensuring easy access for review or revision when needed. Elevate your document management strategy to new heights with GetSign.

Auto-send eSignatures

Using GetSign to send signatures automatically is a breeze! Just follow these easy-peasy steps:

Step 1: Set Up a New Status Label
  • On the board where you’re looking to implement GetSign, you can add a fresh status column or modify a current one.
  • Introduce a distinct label for the auto-send feature, perhaps naming it “AutoSend.” After setting it up, remember to hit “Apply” to lock in your changes.
Step 2: Add the GetSign integration
  • While you’re on the same board, navigate to the “Integrate” tab and tap on “Add New Integration.”
  • Search for “GetSign Auto Send Integration” and then link it to the status column you crafted in Step 1.
  • Choose the “AutoSend” label you’ve just created for this particular integration. After ensuring all looks good, press the “Add to Board” button to wrap up the integration process.
Step 3: How to automatically send signatures
  • To dispatch signatures, just pick the items you wish to send and switch their status to “AutoSend.” From there, GetSign seamlessly handles everything, ensuring smooth and efficient signature processing.

Alert upon completion of the signing process

After finalizing the signing process, you can opt to implement an automated notification system tailored to a specific individual. Consider, for instance, notifying the finance team promptly upon the completion of the invoice signing. This strategic automation enhances efficiency and ensures timely communication within your workflow.

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